Aanat Films is an independent Palestinian film production company.
Founded in Ramallah and operating from occupied East Jerusalem, we have set the grounds for the development and production of independent Palestinian edgy films and video works aimed at International film festivals as well as galleries and museums.
It is this innovative workflow, together with the limitation in access to resources, talent, equipment, structure, and process that gave birth to Aanat Film. 

We wanted to spread the word about our unique methodology and approach to modern film-making in Palestine. 

In addition, Aanat Film is a full service video production company. 
We pride ourselves in creating high quality multimedia content for the corporate, governmental, non-governmental and independent film sectors, providing fully integrated services from Pre to Post.


Ihab Jadallah – Founder & Director 

Award-winning Palestinian filmmaker and producer Ihab Jadallah has written, directed, and produced several highly acclaimed short films and documentaries. His works have been screened in more than 60 countries and in more than 100 festivals, museums and art galleries around the globe, works such as  “The Shooter”,  won several awards, and “The Flower Seller”, was selected for competition at the Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival and the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

Ihab has also received the Producer Award at the Dubai Film Connection in 2009 for the film “Off Frame AKA Revolution Until Victory” Berlinale Forum Expanded 2017 as well producing the  film “Dag’aa” competed at Rotterdam International Film Festival 2016.  Ihab is also the winner of the Cite Des Arts Residency (Paris 2014) and Akademie Solitude residency in (Stuttgart 2017).

Marisa Meier – Producer

Marisa Meier was born in Zurich in 1992. She discovered her passion for storytelling and visual expression early in life. After working for On Line Video 46 and Snap Film AG in Zurich she moved to Germany to study International Producing at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2013. She took part in exchange programs and masterclasses at la fémis in Paris, the UCLA in Los Angeles and at Al Quds University in Ramallah. During her studies she kept working as a production assistant for Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduction and Tell Film in Switzerland. Having produced award winning shorts & documentary features she joined Aanat Film in 2017 as a producer for international projects.

Yousef Matios – Producer / Promoter 

Yousef Matios has over 12 years experience in sales and marketing, and is very passionate about film-making, film production and using state of the art web technologies to create multimedia content for the corporate, governmental and non-governmental sectors.

Yousef uses his professional skills to help Aanat Films write and pitch film ideas / proposals, secure funding, win commercial bids, and to promote our works, both online and offline. In addition, Yousef is responsible for developing and maintaining our website and acts as the go-to person for distributors, festivals, screenings and prints. 

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