A Film by Ihab Jadallah | 8 min Video | Producer Ihab Jadallah/Aanat Film | Palestine

Copy left integrates the melodramatic elements of Egyptian cinema, fun love, betrayal and ends with a passion crime.

The intention is how Egyptian cinema was influenced by the genre of melodrama through its narrative technique. The video is a reflection of the collective subconscious of the Arab nations, and questions how these melodramatic stories had a great influence on defining the character of a certain generation.

Since the beginning or founding of Egyptian Cinema a hundred years ago, it played out the conflicts generated by the colonial status. Even when Egyptians had become part of the industry the pro-Western inclination of the cinema persisted. Initially, foreigners, primarily Italians, who directed the local filmmakers towards creating a commercial cinema devoted to making profit and entertainment following the Hollywood model, controlled Egyptian film industry. It was not a coincidence that Egypt’s film industry was named “Hollywood of “the Orient”.

  • Abu Dhabi International Film Festival 2012
  • Guanajuato International Film Festival 2012
  • 7 Festival Internacional De Cine Latino Arabe 2012
  • The Arab British Centre BFI 2012
  • Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations Screening 2012
  • Beirut Cinema Days (Lebanese Premier) 
  • Oslo Arab Cinema Days 2012
  • Berlin Arab Film Festival ,Screening, 2012

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