Post 93

Post 93

A Video by Ihab Jadallah | 2 min Video Installation | No Audio/ English Subtitles  | Producer Ihab Jadallah/Aanat Films, Palestine

A video installation, composed of three channels, at a first instance the video pieces are not connected at all, which is a reflection of a torn apart landscape, a Palestinian territory divided from itself.

The text, which will be composed of, extracts of the weirdest elements of the Oslo accords; will play as a connector to these images.

The intention behind this installation is to make the audience interact with the video and the text. The text will play as a checkpoint blocking the view on the video, for which the audience will have to watch the video looking in between the lines; an act the Palestinian leaders didn’t want to do when they signed their surrender.

 But yet reading the text, will also put out of focus these disconnected images, leaving them in the background, and today our lives is happening in the background of the Oslo accords.

  • Si:n/ Festival of Video Art and Performance 2013
  • Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations Screening, 2013
  • Akademie Solitude Summer Fest 2017
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