The Shooter

The Shooter - El Takhkeekh

A Film by Ihab Jadallah | 7 min Fiction Short | Arabic w/ English Subtitles  | Producer Ihab Jadallah | Palestine

Palestine is occupied by the international media and is the stage for sensational news stories. Palestinians are presented as “performers” in these dramatic international evening newscasts and Palestinian filmmakers find themselves compelled to comply with their violent “meta-script” and its good-guy and bad-guy-narratives.

This film by the young Palestinian filmmaker Ihab Jadallah both parodies and rejects this constraint. THE SHOOTER rebells against the image of Palestine as propagated by the international media and subverts this staged representation of his country and its people. In his film the “performer” becomes active: he departs from the official script and gradually breaks out of character.

  • Tampere Film Festival, 2008
  • London Palestine Film Festival, 2008
  • Houston Palestine Film Festival, 2008
  • Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival, 2008
  • Shoot Me Film Festival, 2008
  • International Short Film Festival Hamburg, 2008
  • Adana Golden Ball Film Festival, 2008
  • Digital Barcelona Film Festival, 2008
  • Paris Cinema, 2008
  • Boston Palestine Film Festival, 2008
  • Amal Film Festival Galicia, Spain 2008
  • Arab Film Festival 2008
  • International Short Film Festival Detmold, 2008
  • Winterthur short Film Festival 2008
  • Girona International Short Film Festival 2008
  • Toronto Palestine Film Festival 2008
  • Tout Courts, Aix-en-Provence 2008
  • FID Marseille 2009
  • Festival Corto Del MED Avignon 2009
  • FID Marseille 2009
  • Arte Giovane Video Festival Turin 2009
  • Arab Film Festival Berlin 2009 
  • Arab Shorts, Goethe Institute Cairo 2009
  • Festival of Contemporary Arab Cinema Bogota 2009
  • What can Cinema Do? Paris 2009
  • Arab Filmfestival Tuebingen 2010
  • Cannes International Film Festival

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